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"Create Something you Wish Existed"

Why Natural & Organic Products?


Simply Melanin is an all natural, organic, handmade and no B.S. skincare company ran by my sister (Monet Johnson) and I (Summer Johnson). We are two sisters born and raised from Rochester New York, but have lived in many other states within the U.S. From the dry climates of Arizona to the humid atmosphere of Florida. So adjusting our skin care needs have always been a huge part in our lives. Which is why the art of DIY skincare products have always been evident growing up; from our mother to our mothers mother; the natural way has always been the only way. We have always been a family of 'label readers' because in today's society you can never be too careful of what you put into your body. Thus, finding a line where the ingredients are cut and dry (and pronounceable), was literally like trying to find a needle in a haystack. So when we decided to merge our DIY capabilities, and the longing of transparent and natural ingredients, 'Simply Melanin' was created.   


Picture many many years ago, when going out into your backyard, picking some herbs and with just a mortar and pestle making what you needed from the earth was your only option; no chemicals, no manufacturing/production, just pure innovation using the resources grown all around you. We believe that mother-nature has provided ALL that we need to rid our bodies of ailments that lead to a blemish stricken complexion as well as other bodily impurities. So why fix something that isn't broken? Our brand promise is that all of our products are made with the barest of ingredients that come from familiar and everyday ingredients. We use our everyday and researched experiences to provide individuals with quality and innovative products they can truly count on; Aiding in the environment  and most importantly the effectiveness of a truly bare complexion. In the end of it all, we want to bring you products that "Bring Nature Back to Beauty Care" in the midst of this chemically infused society we live in today. You can count on us! 


Summer Johnson

Monet Johnson

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