Save Energy & Make Money in California... With Your Laundry

Hey there! Simpy Summer here with another way to help save our beautiful Planet Earth:

What if I told you that you could make some extra cash a month by adjusting the time you wash your laundry and other energy-using activities?


We are selfish beings.....ouch right. Before you throw me the bird and log off this blog post, this is the wake-up call that we need. When it comes to eliminating even a fraction of the carbon footprint we add to our planet, there's a time where you have to call a spade a spade. It's easy to blatantly use your AC and a fan at the same time, or leave your TV on all night because "it helps you sleep" without thinking about the harm its doing to the environment; To change our way of thinking when it comes to how much energy we are using, can make such a huge difference to our planet! There are a lot of solution driven groups, apps, and websites that set out to point us all in the reduce, re-use, recycle way of living, and some even offer you money to do it! So do the world and the population of the human race a favor and WAKE UP!

More Money, Less Energy

As human beings we love a good routine, I know I do. Wake up, turn on the news, wash the dishes, wash the cloths etc. But have you ever thought....we all may be doing the same routine, and using the same energy sources at the same time? Of course not, but the more individuals in your area are running energy at the same time, the more money it costs the power company.

So a new business popped up on the market in California, OhmConnect, where you can literally get paid to cut your energy usage.

So here's how it works: OhmConnect will send you a text during their "OhmHour" or when a lot of people in the area are using energy. To prevent those electrical plants from needing to use fast acting power plants to keep up with the rise in energy consumption (which is horrible for the planet and our wallets), OhmConnect challenges you to cut back for an hour, by simply turning off things like your AC or even your electricity breaker. The more you cut back the more money you can make. Its a win win $$$

Some successful and well-paid OhmConnect users use that Ohmhour to leave the house and go outside, or to the park. Some of these users are making $1,400 a year! That's $140 a week, I know we all can use a little cash on the side!

How to Sign Up (California Residents only at the moment)

1. Sign up for free on OhmConnect

2. Sync your account with your utility account through PG&E, SDG&E or Southern California Edison (must have an online account with one of these electric companies)

3. Wait for OhmConnect to text or email you during high energy consumption hours

4. Turn off your electricity until the hour is up

5. Make money! in the form of pay pal cash or amazon gift card!

Its that simple! So get to it! $$$

Much Love & Light

Simply Summer

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