Enjoy the pulsating and pulling experience with these bare skin masks. Once applied to the skin (face, hair, or armpits...yes armpits), the clay will begin to dry and in turn pull and extract dirt and grime from your pores. We know not everyone has the same skin, thus we reccomend the Morrocan Red Clay Bare Skin mask for individuals with sensitve skin, and the Indian Green Healing Clay Bare Skin mask for normal to very oily skin. 

Now introducing Organic Matcha Powder to the Green Clay Mask!! This green tea will help to rejuvanate your skin and improve your complexion 

..Also introducing Organic Turmeric Powder to the Red Clay Mask!! This simple ingredient will help even your skin tone and brighten your complextion! 

[4 oz container]

Red Morrocan Clay (Rhoussal Clay):

Mined from the Atlas moutain region of Morocco, this mineral rich clay is highly absorbant and has been used to enhance the hair and skin for centuries!  

*Even out skin tone 

*Reduce acne 

*Nourish the skin and hair 

*Rids stubborn blackheads 

*Increase skin elasticity 

*Sensitive on skin


Indian Green Healing Clay (Bentonite Clay): 

This clay has also been used for centuries as an impurity fighting beauty product, mined from the death valley in California.

*Removes toxins from pores

*Healing properties

*Reduces inflamation 

*Tightening the skin 

*Best results when paired with apple cider vinegar (DO NOT USE METAL WHEN MIXING)


Bare Skin Masks

  • Ingredients: [Turmeric & Red Clay Mask] Moroccan Red Clay, Organic Tumeric Powder

    [Matcha & Bentonite Clay Mask] Bentonite Clay, Organic Matcha Powder 


    How to use:

    sprinkle out a spoon full of mask powder into a bowl. Mix with either water, aloe juice, or apple cider vinegar (ACV reccomended; BUT DO NOT MIX WITH METAL SPOON). Apply on to damp and clean skin with applicator brush. Leave on for 10-15 min (sensitvie skin), 15-20 min (for normal skin), or until clay is completely dry. Rinse off mask throughly and gently, and pat dry. 

    Apply our soothing Gel Moisturizer to avoid dryness and smoothen your skin!

    *For sensitve skin use the Tumeric & Morrocan red clay mask

    **For normal skin use the indian healing clay mask. Face redeness will disappear after 10-15 min. Use 1-2 times a week!