With all natural and fresh products, comes great responsibility!


Lighty Preserved/ Preservative free Products

How do I preserve my products 


Our greatest aim when making our beauty products is to with-hold the wholesome properties of each ingredient they are composed of. In order to accomplish this, we have been fascinated with the idea of preservative free or lightly preserved products. I know you're probably thinking "then does this mean my product won't have enough shelf life". Yes, there will be a shorter self life period for certain products, BUT what comes with  an expiration date, comes the possibility to really utilize the freshness these products have to offer!


How many times have you bought a product and quickly forget about them shortly after? Well, to get the bang for your buck with Simply Melanin Products, you use the product within the expiration window. That way you can reap all of the products fresh benefits, it will help you with your consistency, plus you will feel amazing finishing a bottle and seeing the difference. Now that's a win-win in my book.  Stress free...just fresh handmade love to nourish your bodies! 



One huge way to make sure you have enough time to use your products within the expiration window is to refrigerate. Now don't get me wrong, not all of our products calls for extra attention (ie. Smoothing Scrubs, Serums, Bubbling Bath Bombs etc.); the products that include water based substances MUST be kept in cold temperatures. The reason for this is because the growth of bacteria tend to slow down when introduced to the cold. By putting your Simply Melanin Products in the fridge, you can add a whole extra week to your products shelf life! So simply put Fresh beauty products + cold = More time to feed & nourish your skin/ hair.     



Using Application Brushes


Whether you're applying a face mask, hair mask or even a scrub a great way to keep your products fresh and uncontaminated is to not use your hands....I know this sounds pretty funny. Don't go trying to apply these things with your elbows or anything...haha. All I'm saying is that we have soooo many germs and bacteria on our hands. So scooping out a handful of product with your hands and nails can and WILL contaminate your fresh product and in turn lessen that products self life. Using application tools can eliminate this risk completely! Mask brushes, scoopers, spoons...anything that takes away having to reach into your product container will save you lots of added time with your fresh and natural goodies.


*We are planning on including and/or selling some of these brushes to help you all out. We will let you know when we do! 

*Pick to your left of Sigma Skincare Application Brush set. I'm sure there are cheaper options if you search amazon! Any brushes will do! 

Expiration Indicators 

If your product shows any of these signs, the product has reached its expiration:

-If it becomes smelly -Mold formation -Discoloration 

Discontinue use of the product if these changes occur! (*Recycle, Reuse, or mail back your container for 10% off savings)



Its best to Follow these tips to ensure you get the full use of your product in the alloted time! 


Natural Preservatives We Use

These are some of the items we use to lightly preserve your products.

All of these components are found in nature and are NATURAL. If we find more naturally preserving ingredients they will be added to the list here! -TY

Citric Acid- Citric acid is a weak organic acid that has the chemical formula C ₆H ₈O ₇. It occurs naturally in citrus fruits.