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With all natural and fresh products, comes great responsibility!


Enjoy Your
Longer !


How do I preserve my products 


Our greatest aim when making our beauty products is to with-hold the wholesome properties of each ingredient they are composed of. In order to accomplish this, we have been fascinated with the idea of naturally preserved products. Because our customers love the benefits of their items, we thought why not find a better alternative to prolong their use. That is when we discovered Leucidal Complete. This preservative is not only derived from natural sources, but it also adds a probiotic element to our already wholesome goods. Our new 6 month expiration will now allow you to utilize the freshness these products have to offer!


Now dont let that expiration deter you from usage! These products are still created fresh and thus calls for consistency in your daily regimenThat way you can reap all of the products fresh benefits.



One HUGE way to preserve natural products is to simply refrigerate them. Given we boast an all natural product line, you would be delighted to know that not all of our products call for this extra attention to detail (ie. Smoothing Scrubs, facial oils, Bubbling Bath Bombs etc.). It is essential however for products that include water based ingredients to get help from our ALL NATURAL preservative. Our goal by using this preservative in combination with these refrigeration techniques is to keep your products fresher longer. So simply put Fresh beauty products + cold = More time to feed & nourish your skin/ hair.    



Using Application Brushes


Whether you're applying a face mask, hair mask or even a scrub, the best way to apply your products and avoid contamination is to use a hands-free approach; Due to the fact that we have so many germs and bacteria on our hands, using application tools like brushes, spoons or spatulas can eliminate that risk! Practicing this preservation technique will give you more 1-on-1 time with you fresh goodies.

Expiration Indicators 

If your product shows any of these signs, the product has reached its expiration:

-If it becomes smelly -Mold formation -Discoloration 

Discontinue use of the product if these changes occur! (*Recycle, Reuse, or mail back your container for 10% off savings)



Its best to Follow these tips to ensure you get the full use of your product in the alloted time! 


Natural Preservatives We Use

These are some of the items we use to naturally preserve your products.
All of these components are found in nature and are indeed plant based and found in NATURE. 

Citric Acid- Citric acid is a weak organic acid that has the chemical formula C ₆H ₈O ₇. It occurs naturally in citrus fruits. Used to Help preserve the plant based colors used in your beauty items.

Leucidal Complete- a ferment of lactic acid bacteria (leuconostoc kimchii); then, another antimicrobial is obtained from fermenting Cocos nucifera (Coconut) with Lactobacillus. The result, a revolutionary natural broad-spectrum antimicrobial without synthetic ingredients.

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